New Showreel from Scratch: Beatrice Allen

Here’s a brand new showreel from scratch that I wrote, directed and edited for Beatrice Allen.

What I have been trying to do more and with the showreels I create is to show the range of actors in more subtle forms. While it is tempting to do ‘one serious, one comedy, one quirky scene’ – I think it is wiser to get to know the actor. To figure out specifically what suits them – and to build a reel around those strengths.

Beatrice’s scenes all veer towards the more dramatic and emotionally complex. What I love about Beatrice’s acting is how comfortable she is being understated. There is so much in each scene that she isn’t saying. What it turn, tells us a lot more about the characters.

Beatrice is one to watch for sure and I’m excited to see what comes next!


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