Daniel Johnson

Screenwriter and Director

Acting Showreels from Scratch

I create showreels from scratch for actors. I pride myself on producing exactly what each actor needs to showcase their talents. I write unique and original scenes for EVERY showreel. I have never used the same script twice, and have never used material that isn’t completely original. I am based in London, but can also travel across the UK and Europe. Your scripts will be original – created solely to capture what makes your acting talents shine.

The very week my reel was filmed, edited and uploaded onto my spotlight is the same week I was called in for a BBC drama and a TV pilot. Dan writes honestly, the way he films has you at complete ease which is the ideal environment to get the best, most natural takes and then produces a smoothly edited reel highlighting each actor he works with. I can’t recommend him enough.
Agent: The Narrow Road Company

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If you have more questions, they may be answered in my Showreel from Scratch FAQ.
Please Note: I am fully booked until September 2016. Please enquiry ASAP if you want to work with me between September-December 2016.
Arrange a meeting today by email: dj@danieljohnsonfilms.co.uk.



Initial Consultation.
3 Scenes Written SPECIFICALLY For You
Filmed in HD with professional actors.
Full Showreel Edit (Can include your additional Footage)


by Daniel Johnson

How long should a showreel be? Should you have a montage? What is the deal with Showreels from Scratch?
Actress Alexandra Metaxa speaks with Daniel Johnson about the latest trends in actor showreels – also with advice on showreel from scratch services.



Initial Consultation.
1 Scenes Written SPECIFICALLY For You
Filmed in HD with professional actors.
Edited into a complete scene.



Initial Consultation.
You provide the footage.
Editied into a professional reel.
HD files for Spotlight/YouTube, etc

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