Acting Showreels

I produce every aspect of your reel – leaving you free to focus on the key thing; acting.

I create showreels from scratch for actors.

I have been developing reels for actors since 2008. The process begins with us meeting (in person or on Zoom), and then I write your scenes.

I have produced showreels from scratch for drama schools such as Guildhall (2016, 2017) and Arts Ed (2020).

I pride myself on producing exactly what each actor needs to showcase their talents. I write unique and original scenes for EVERY showreel. EVERY SCRIPT I shoot is original material, written for my clients.

I have written extensively about showreels on Raindance, The Stage and on my own blog.

My focus, as a director of showreels, is to create nuanced, natural scenes. The key to a strong showreel is believability. Natural performances are more important to me than flashy camera moves.

I am also in regular contact with casting directors. They are the crucial audience member for showreels — so it’s crucial I get the work right. You can read my recent interview with Emmy Award Winning Casting Director Chase Paris here.

I am based in East London, but can also travel across the UK and Europe. Your scripts will be original – created solely to capture what makes your acting talents shine.

After filming my showreel with Dan and uploading it to spotlight, I was called in for two commercial jobs in the first week! I have also since been signed to an agent (the main purpose of me getting a showreel in the first place), and have been requested to self tape for very exciting opportunities. Dan truly knows how to get the best out of you as an actor- I couldn't recommend him enough!

Emily Mogilner

He created a dynamic, engaging and extremely comfortable environment to work in. From beginning to end, working with Daniel was incredibly fun and professional. Creating my showreel couldn’t have been easier. I am really happy with it, and can’t wait to work with Daniel again.

Francesca Baker

Daniel does amazing scene writing work, they're very cleverly written and have quick wit. He also directs the scenes to make sure he gets the best out the actors and keeps the set atmosphere fun, relaxed and creative.

Lampri Dimitriadi

Dan works with you from the ground up to craft a showreel that is completely unique and tailored to your needs. Filming days are a pleasure, and the end result is polished and beautifully edited, while keeping at its core the most important thing to showcase-your work as the actor.

Tom Benjamin

A fantastic service that I can't recommend highly enough. The whole process was enjoyable and I'm very happy with what was produced.

Abs Mokaddem

Full Monty Package


  • Initial Consultation
  • 3 Scenes Written SPECIFICALLY For You
  • Filmed in 4K with professional actors
  • Full Showreel Edit (Can include your additional Footage)
  • Locations sorted so you don’t need to worry
  • No additional costs
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Single Scene Showreel


  •  Initial Consultation.
  • 1 Scene Written SPECIFICALLY For You
  • Filmed in 4K with professional actors
  • Edited into a complete scene

Online Showreel Scene


  • Initial Consultation
  • I’m available to you by email for a two week period
  • I provide script and course material
  • You film on your camera/phone
  • All experience levels welcome
  • Available to actors all over the world
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Tips and Advice For Actor Showreels

by Daniel Johnson

Interview where I talk about how I got into creating showreels from scratch. Also go into detail about the way I write unique scenes for each client, and I explain why rehashing scenes you’ve seen in movies is a bad idea.

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