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Each showreel from scratch that I create is completely unique and geared specifically towards the actor I am writing for. I write across numerous genres and styles, but my own personal style is to go for the more subtle, nuanced moments – as opposed to lots of screaming and shouting. In my opinion it is this kind of material that allows actors to shine – and shows casting directors who you are.

I have managed to secure my last 2 agents purely on the strength of my showreel alone. I have learned to trust Daniel’s judgement over the years as, like most actors, I always want more on my showreel, but Dan is always right! He is expert at picking the best moments in your scenes and making you the focus of that scene by cutting out all the excess so that it still makes sense.
Agent: Cole Kitchenn

There are four distinct parts to my process – which I will outline here.

Perhaps the most important of them all. A showreel is personal. As I am creating it FOR YOU, it is essential for me to get to know you. On a simple level, we need to know that we’ll collaborate well together – when you click creatively with someone, you just know it. After that, we get down to the word of figuring out what types of scenes would work for you. What would suit you? What is your casting? What would push you to show the best of your abilities? That’s for us to figure out together in the meeting. Tea/Coffee will OF COURSE be provided.

After we’ve agreed to work together; and I’m armed with the knowledge of knowing who you are and what you are, you can then leave me alone – safe in the knowledge I’m working on your scripts. When the words are flowing, this will happen in a number of days. If the juices aren’t flowing, it can be a couple of weeks. But I won’t send you scripts until I am confident they are strong and useful to you as an actor.

Sometimes a script won’t click with you. That’s fine – I am happy to write a few extra. I want you to be doing three scenes that you’re happy with and excited about.

We shoot your reel. This is where the real fun happens. Even though the material is ‘for a showreel’, you are still getting a true on set experience. What we do matters – to your career and to mine to. We are still making art and it’s important that we do the work to the best of our abilities. I can provide locations and we will have plenty of time on the shoot day to run lines, rehearse, and do multiple takes. You’re not going to feel rushed and I’ll work hard to make sure that filming is a pleasurable, exciting, and non-stressful experience. I believe actors do their best work when they feel creative and clear; filming can and should be joyful.

After the filming day; you get to relax but I’ll be getting down to work on the edit. Edits are completed two to three weeks after the filming date. I’ll splice your scenes together into a unique edit that showcases the best of you and the scenes. Then I’ll privately upload a link so you can view the reel. Hopefully, you’ll love it. Or maybe you’ll have some thoughts or suggestions – then I’ll finish up the reel and you’ll have your brand new showreel.

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Below are a few compilations of showreel work from the last couple of years.

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