Actor Showreels from Scratch in Manchester

Hello Manchester!

I have the opportunity to head up north in late November – I will be making myself available to do some acting showreels from scratch.

*This post is a few years old – but I will be returning to Manchester to film Showreel Scenes in FEBRUARY 2018 for one week only*

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To introduce myself: I am one of the leading showreel creators in the UK; usually working from London.  My personal policy is to write scenes specifically for each individual actor I work with. Rather than you relying on short film castings; I create scenes specifically suited to your talents, abilities and interests.

I have a strong track record with helping actors get new agents and more casting opportunities – and in recent times have found myself in the wonderful position of being able to recommend actors personally to agents who I’ve got to know through doing this work.

Here are some clips of recent showreels:


Here’s how the showreel from scratch service works:

1. We have a meeting. Usually this is in person but as I’m in London and you’re in Manchester we’ll probably do this initial part by Skype. I’ll get to know all about you and what makes you tick.

2. I’ll write scenes for you.

3. We’ll set the filming schedule.

4. I’ll direct you to bring out your acting brilliance.

5. I’ll edit your showreel.

6. You’ll have your brand new showreel wrapped up before Christmas.

I will only be in Manchester for a few days so spaces for new clients are extremely limited.

Find out more about my Actor Showreels from Scratch Service.


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