I am offering screen-acting workshops for actors who are new to working in front of a camera. This is ideal for performers who have worked predominantly on the stage and are looking to be more comfortable and confident with a lens bearing down on them. Also perfect for new graduates looking to learn about working on camera.

This class will be VERY PRACTICAL.

Daniel Johnson Film Director

Prior to working with me, I will give you a written piece of monologue material for you to memorise. This will be the basis for what we work on during the class.

>– You will be filmed at numerous stages, the first being at the very beginning of the class. 

– You will see how your performance changes and grows as you get direction. 

– I will give you the tools to be more comfortable and at ease when on camera. 

– We’ll watch material back as we work on it. 

You’ll get to take ALL of the rushes from filming on the day home with you

– Classes will be very personal; no more than 3 people per group. 

The Goal of the Workshop

To make screen acting less terrifying! To give you instant feedback on what is working and what is not working, in a friendly and creative environment.

Who am I?

I’m Daniel Johnson. I’ve been writing and directing short films for fifteen years; I am one of the leading creators of showreels from scratch for actors in the UK, with clients from all around Europe.

Here is me talking about acting and showreels:

Workshop Length: 2 Hours.
Cost: £20.
One Day Only: Sunday 18th October 2015
To Enquire, email:
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