Your Actor Showreel is More Than Lumped Together Scenes

acting-showreels-scratch-editYou are telling your own unique story. Your journey is different from every other actor.

Teachers and agents have been talking to you for so long about ‘casting types’ and ‘branding’ that it’s possible you’ve forgotten who the hell you are.

Yes, you’re an actor. Maybe a comedy actor, or a dramatic actor or a character actor but, more than that, you’re a human being.

When we create a showreel we need to develop something that recognises who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

When I create a reel my goal is not to make you a star. What I want to do is produce something that captures you as an artist. The branding will take care of itself. You can often spend too long running around trying to find the right image or angle. But screw that, my goal is to find something real.

When you’re real, when you’re really you, that’s when things begin to click. I’m not saying you need to be the same in every scene – you can still play a psychotic murderer or depressed lawyer or whatever else, but it will be done through the filter of who you are and what you bring to the table.

The best performances are genuine. They ring true. My hope is that I can write and direct a showreel from scratch that will show viewers who you are.

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Daniel Johnson
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