Actor Showreel Filming during Covid-19 Lockdowns

The effect of Covid-19 on our industry has been unprecedented. In regards to how it has affected me personally – I have not been shooting during national lockdowns, nor during the higher tiers in recent months. I am still open for business, taking on new clients. We meet through zoom

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Online Showreel from Scratch Scenes

I have been creating showreels from scratch for actors in the UK for over twelve years. I am now able to offer this new, online service, worldwide. If you want to create a showreel from scratch scene in a completely safe, socially distanced way. I am offering a unique service

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Losing a Mentor

In Memory of Jean-Claude Audergon. I didn’t know I had a mentor until he died. Now I look back at all the shared memories and realise – this man shaped so much of how I think and feel about nearly everything. I remember the summer I met him, learning all

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The Magic of Starting Out

You start by starting. No-one is quite sure where you got the balls to do it, but you did. One minute, you’re a kid, hanging out with friends, and the next moment you say “I’m making a film.” The film is terrible, but it’s also the best thing you’ll ever

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What I’ve Been Doing Since Lockdown

Can you believe it’s September already? March feels like it was yesterday. Or maybe it feels like it was five years ago. What a crazy year we are having. At the beginning of lockdown, it felt for a moment like I’d never work again. But I was fortunate to work

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