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Getting your First Showreel from Scratch Made

The idea of creating a showreel from scratch can be a daunting idea for an actor. Whether you’re new to acting, just graduated from drama school, or are a working actor who has focused primarily on theatre work, there can be many reasons why you might feel some hesitation before

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Back in Filming Mode

It feels good to be filming again. I guess I could’ve filmed throughout all of the lockdowns because it’s classed as ‘work’ – but instead I shut down production on all my projects. There were times when I really wanted to be out there filming, but it also felt imperative

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Billie Eilish Documentary

The Billie Eilish Documentary

You know you’re old when you watch a documentary about someone who has 77 million Instagram followers and you’ve never even heard of them before. Not knowing who she was, I came into this completely fresh – and man, I was absolutely blown away. Billie Eilish is a unique talent,

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Daniel Johnson Films – a History

Two days after my 20th birthday, I registered my website – and Daniel Johnson Films was born. That I was so young when I first started this website is both surprising and not surprising at all. It was 2004 and I was making short films for the web,  even though

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Showreel Filming Screenshot

Return to Filming Post-Lockdown

I am delighted to write that I will be returning to in-person showreel production from the week of April 19th 2021. From when the UK went into Tier 4 – and then continuing into the latest lockdown, I decided that it was best to postpone all showreel shoots until a

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English Language Showreel Scenes for International Actors

Creating online showreel from scratch scenes for actors in different countries has been a huge privilege. I began making scenes this way before the pandemic – trialling it for free with actors on Twitter. As the world closed down, this form of creating became an incredibly useful tool for actors.

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