Wedding Goals – Short Film

I’ve released a new short film, ‘Wedding Goals’, starring Stephanie Marion, Durone Stokes and Rachel Keys. It is a documentary-style comedy about trying to organise a wedding when your partner is a football fan. 

Over the past year I have really enjoyed creating comedic football sketches with my actor friends. These sketches have had millions of views around the world, and I wanted to create something in that same style but in a short film form.

‘Wedding Goals’ is a hybrid. Somewhere between a lengthy TikTok sketch and a very short short film. The main goal with this was just to have some fun and shoot something with my friends.

The main reason I want you to watch the film (link above) is because of the actors. I have been working with them all for many years, and they’re some of the most talented people I know. They crack me up every time we work together and this film shoot was no exception!


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