Actor Showreel Questions Answered

Just a quick follow up to my showreels article a few days back. I was asked a bunch of questions on Twitter and in email – the ones that required a longer answer I thought I’d answer in more depth here. As a US actor now also starting work in

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A dialogue with my Inner-Critic

Creativity is difficult. When it flows, it feels easy, joyful. But sometimes, in fact, often – you find yourself competing with the multiple voices in your head. It’s easy to get trapped by the inner-critic in your brain. The critical voice that shuts you down speaks with such a strong

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Showreels from Scratch Service during Covid 19

Hope you are all keeping healthy. I don’t need to tell you how strange these recent weeks have been, because it’s been unusual for everyone! Naturally, there have been some changes to how I am doing business and I am writing this blog to outline them. Initial Consultation Meetings. Traditionally

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Online Screen Acting Workshop/Classes

The online screen-acting workshop is a two week, one-to-one collaboration, where I work with actors on their screen acting craft. In this brand new course: -I will provide you with script material to work from. -You film material on your own camera/phone. -I provide feedback and analysis of your performances.

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The Experimental Solo Showreel Project

Last week I was sitting in a visitors lounge at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio, allowing my mind to drift away from the loved one I was there to visit, re-focusing on my work back in London, on films and showreels.   View this post on Instagram  

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