Showreels from Scratch – A Reel of My Reels 2014

Once a year I create a showreel of my acting showreels, it gives me a chance to see how I’ve progressed, and it gives actors who are interested in using my service a chance to see what I’m about.

With each passing year, the tendency is to create a reel that is more snappy, edgy, and sharp (okay, all three of those words mean exactly the same thing). Anyway, this year, I’ve decided to do things differently. To keep it simple. I want to focus on what it is really all about, acting.

Not that the word acting really needs to be underlined. The best acting is subtle. I have tried to create showreels that are counter-intuitive, that go against the grain. Most reels that I see on the marketplace, and in particular those created from scratch, tend to go for big moments with lots of shouting, arguing and fighting.

I prefer the smaller moments. For me, they’re what acting is really all about. That’s why I am really proud of this year’s reel – it includes wonderful performances from some of the most talented upcoming and established actors in the industry. I have no doubt that, a year or two from now, you’ll recognise many of the faces you’ll see in this video. And also, that beautiful music you’re hearing is the work of James Stordy. He’ll be a big name too, I’m sure of it.

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