The Creative Year Ahead

I started the year with some resolutions, primarily based around my screenwriting goals. Writing has always been my strength – the thing that comes the most easily to me. When I started out, it meant creating short films constantly. As my craft for writing scenes improved, it naturally led its way towards showreels for actors.

It seems commonplace now, to see companies offering to write scripts for actors, but when I started shooting reels, it wasn’t done. Actors were rehashing the same old scenes from TV, or adapting things they found in plays. The writing of scenes for actors became crucial for me, it still is now. It’s the thing that enables me to make each showreel unique, which in turn puts my clients into a strong position when showing casting directors and agents work that is unique to their strengths.

an actor showreel shoot

This year I am still creating showreels for actors, but I am limiting the work I am taking on. I’ve always done this to an extent, choosing quality over quantity, meaning I work with actors whose creativity aligns with my own. But even more so this year, I want to find time to focus on writing longer form content; TV Pilots and feature film screenplays.

Last year, I wrote and directed a short film, ‘A Productive Lockdown’ — and also wrote and released a book, ‘How to Build a Great Acting Showreel’. Both of these projects reignited in me the fire for creating unique, independent material. I love creating actor showreels but it’s important to me that I don’t just stay in that role. Yes, I’m good at creating reels but to stay up to date for my clients, for my work to remain relevant and useful, I want to push on more with my own projects.

At the beginning of January I wrote a TV Pilot, tentatively titled ‘Be Careful’. I had a great read through of it with a group of actors. It was only a first draft but it was exciting.

But I’m not one to stand still. On February 1st, I’ll start writing a feature film. Over the years, I have found ways to obscure my writing ambitions. Getting lost in ‘busy’. Or perhaps my inner-critic questioning whether my ideas are good enough. In 2022, I’m not allowing those thoughts to deter me.

2022 is about putting pen to paper. I’ll also shoot a short film or two as well.

Thanks for reading, and stay creative!

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