The 2013 Showreel Of My Acting Showreels

Once a year I put together a showreel for my service, imaginatively titled ‘Daniel Johnson’s Acting Showreel Service‘.

It does what it says on the tin. I create showreels from scratch for actors. I primarily work in London but am able to travel across the UK and even Europe and beyond if you have the budget for it!

I began creating showreels a few years back for my friends who were desperate to get new footage. They never seemed to get footage back from the filmmakers they worked with – so they were always desperate for content.

It grew from there –  I am now one of the leading creators of acting showreels in the UK. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you my dedication to the craft. It is my goal to write scenes in a very specific way that will give actors exactly what they need to push them onto the next level. That level might be getting a new agent, or landing a first film role – who knows! Tell me what your goals are as an actor and we can work towards them.

Here is some recent footage from my showreel shoots.

I have written many articles on the art of making showreels – I am sharing a few below. Have a read if you are interested in the topic!

11 Tips For Creating A Memorable Acting Showreel.

The Complete Guide To Acting Showreels.

My Acting Showreels From Scratch Service – How It Works

If you would like to contact me to discuss working on your showreel, or if you need some advice. Feel free to write to me at, or tweet me: @DanielJohnsonUK

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