My Acting Showreels From Scratch Service – How It Works

I am not a big showreel company, I am just me, Dan. I make showreels the way I make short films. Its personal. I care about what I write, I endeavour to direct to the best of my abilities every single time; and I want the best for the actors I work with.

My showreels have helped numerous actors reach the next level. That means different things to different actors. For some, fresh out of drama school — it’s the first chance to work on camera. For more seasoned actors, my reels have helped them get new agents, or helped redefine how they are perceived by casting directors.

I have had the privilege in recent months of working with actors from across the UK. In this month alone actors have travelled to London from Worcestershire, Wales and Scotland to collaborate with me on reels.

The question I get most from people who email me is — how exactly does this work?

So allow me to explain!

1. The First Date

It begins with a coffee or a tea. Or if you’re in Scotland, maybe a Skype call. I mean, you can still have tea, I just probably won’t be there (as you’re so far away).

First, we’ll chat. It’s a bit like dating — we figure out if we’re right for each other. I am at the point where I don’t accept every showreel opportunity — simply because, all artists are different, some relationships click, some don’t.

Much like dating, we’ll start out with no commitment. Just a tea or coffee. We’ll see how we get along. See if you want me to write your showreel for you.

At this point the key thing is to determine who you are as an artist and person, and where you want to be, career-wise.

This will then enable me to craft a showreel that specifically suits your needs, based on who YOU are!

At this point you can be as specific as you like. An actor I am working with at the moment has been flooding me with YouTube links to her favourite actors and things that inspire her, which in turn has inspired me to write scenes which I think are some of my best in months.

2. The writing stage.

I write the scenes based on what you want, and what I think will work. I have over ten years experience in writing, casting and directing short films. My films have been in festivals around the world – and screenplays I have written have been optioned both here and in the USA. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you how seriously I take my work.

I think that the writing is hugely important to the success of an acting showreel.

The problem with most showreels is not that the actors are bad or even that the quality is bad — it’s that the material is not great, not believable.

And while many other services will utilize scripts from other movies, I think it’s crucial that you work with unique content that has been penned for YOU. When I see actors using material previously performed by Julia Roberts or Morgan Freeman, it makes me cringe! Don’t compete with the A-Listers, find your own path!

If you are doing my full three scene showreel service, for example, I will write three scenes that perfectly fit you.

And if you don’t love what I write, don’t worry — I’ll write additional scenes. The important thing is that we get it RIGHT!

3. Preparing The Shoot.

We can use actors who you know, or I can find actors who need additional material. I have heaps of friends in the industry who happen to be fantastic actors, always eager to get new material – so between us, we cast the scenes!

And we decide on locations. I can offer my office, and occasionally my home. But if you have anywhere we can film, that is always helpful!

Also, I always say to actors to think of any unique places they have access to. Your Mum owns a shop? Your Grandparents run a farm? Your Uncle works on a boat? Whatever it might be, these unique places add production value, and also inspire during the writing stage.

So if you have a unique place to film, let me know, it’ll make your showreel DIFFERENT!

4. The Shoot.

We shoot it in a day. Each scene will have enough time to read through and get comfortable with the lines, rehearse a bunch of times and then shoot numerous takes.

I will direct you in each scene; doing everything I can to bring out all the subtleties of the scene and to help you shine as an actor, regarding of your approach or style to your craft.

And it’ll be FUN! Some people treat showreels like less important shoots, but for me, we’re still creating art! We’re working in make-believe. This stuff is IMPORTANT. And as it’s your acting showreel, it’s CRUCIAL!

5. The Edit.

I’ll do a rough edit of how I think your reel should look.

And then I’ll send you a private YouTube link.

You tell me what you think and any changes you may want, and then I go back and fix things — and then finalise your reel.

I’ll send you whatever digital files you need and then hey, we’re done!

Here is a scene from a recent showreel:

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