Actor Showreel Scenes – New Clips

Here is a compilation of new showreel from scratch scenes. I am proud of the scenes I am about to show you – I am happy with the scripts I wrote, and was lucky to work with fantastic actors who are as passionate as I am about finding truthful, nuanced performances.

Showreels can be a weird beast. Naturally, actors want to show their talent, show ‘what they can do’. But of course, if you push too hard, it can easily lead to over-acting. Same goes for the writing of showreel scenes. It’s tempting to add in multiple layers and twists to the storylines.

The following clips show some great, naturalistic acting – featuring new clients as well as people I’ve worked with over many years. There’s a mixture of dramatic showreel scenes along with some comedic material.

I make a new compilation of showreel scenes once or twice a year, it’s something I always enjoy doing. I think this one is my favourite so far – it’s been a great period for working with actors who believe in what I do, and who are willing to really focus on what is is they do on screen.

Showreel Shoot

Below is a clip from my Instagram – just something for fun – which hopefully gives you a sense of the atmosphere and fun that I try to have on set. The crucial thing for me on a showreel shoot is that the actor is comfortable. The set needs to be professional, but I also like there to be a feeling of good humour and playfulness – that way, actors are really able to focus on what they do and enjoy the process. I’ve heard stories of actors being uncomfortable on showreel shoots, and I really feel that should never be the case.

The following video is from a fun few days shooting on location in Stoke Newington.

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