I Asked Actors About Bad Directors – Here’s What They Said

When I was eighteen and had no idea what I was doing, I decided to hold some auditions for a short film. I had heard both Woody Allen and Billy Wilder say that ‘comedy should always be faster’.

So, that day, I told every actor, ‘that was great, but could you try it faster.’ This worked very well until the afternoon, when my tiredness and hunger turned me into a grumpy person incapable of functioning. When the final actor came in, I was ready to be finished – and struggled to remember my direction about pace.

“Could you go quicker so we can finish this up please,” is what came out of my mouth. The actor, rightfully offended, looked at me in a way I’ve never forgotten.

That is, I think, the worst direction I have ever given. No doubt, most actors have received far worse. I asked them to share their bad audition and on set experiences. Below is a sampling.

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