Showreel Scenes for Actors – New Clips

Here are some clips from recent showreels. All of these scenes are from this summer. In fact two of the scenes I filmed this week. I create showreels completely from scratch for trained actors. I am proud of the clips in this video because they are good examples of what I try and capture for […]

Grenfell and the Relic of TV News

The following video, filmed on somebody’s phone, tells you everything you need to know about the current state of the news media in the UK, if not globally. The key moment of the video comes around the 2mins 30seconds mark. Before that, the local resident, Ishmahil Blagrove, is speaking openly and passionately about many of […]

Limited Showreel Availability for Remainder of 2017

Hello all! Just a quick note to let you know I have very limited availability for Showreel from Scratch work for the remainder of the year. In June I am filming a documentary in Rwanda with CFOR, and throughout July and August I will be working on showreels for a full year group at the […]

Watch the #1DayFilm NOW

It was around this time in the early hours of yesterday morning that I emailed the actors to say “this is the script we’re shooting.” At 9am they were at mine. They didn’t know the lines and I didn’t know all the filming locations. But we all knew the task – to complete the film […]

Making a Short Film in One Day! #1DayFilm

A few days back I wrote that I would be making a short film in seven days. Well half a week flew by and I had no ideas. But I cast the film anyway. Actors were due at my flat at 9am today to begin filming. I finally wrote the script- emailing it to them at […]

New Showreel from Scratch: Beatrice Allen

Here’s a brand new showreel from scratch that I wrote, directed and edited for Beatrice Allen. What I have been trying to do more and with the showreels I create is to show the range of actors in more subtle forms. While it is tempting to do ‘one serious, one comedy, one quirky scene’ – […]

NEW! #SingleShotScenes for Actors

I am always trying, in small ways, to innovate how I shoot showreels scenes. And my instinct, when trying to improve, tends to veer towards the counterintuitive. Rather than make things bigger, flasher, slicker – I go for simpler, smaller, subtler. And that’s where this idea comes in. #SingleShotScenes are scenes I shoot from one […]