The Magic of Starting Out

You start by starting. No-one is quite sure where you got the balls to do it, but you did. One minute, you’re a kid, hanging out with friends, and the next moment you say “I’m making a film.” The film is terrible, but it’s also the best thing you’ll ever

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What I’ve Been Doing Since Lockdown

Can you believe it’s September already? March feels like it was yesterday. Or maybe it feels like it was five years ago. What a crazy year we are having. At the beginning of lockdown, it felt for a moment like I’d never work again. But I was fortunate to work

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Creating Lockdown Showreels for Arts Ed Drama School

Back in February – very much on a whim – I wrote a tweet offering to direct actors from afar. The idea being that, if for physical or financial reasons you couldn’t commit to a full showreel, I could show you the way to film things by yourself. The ‘Experimental

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Interview with Writer and Entrepreneur ED LATIMORE

I discovered Edward Latimore the way most people do, through Twitter. His ability to offer actionable advice and insight in only 280 characters is second to none. What makes Ed unique is how he draws insights from so many different experiences — from his career as a professional boxer, from

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Interview with Emmy Award Winning Casting Director – Chase Paris

It’s not an exaggeration to say that many of your favourite TV shows in recent years have probably been cast by Chase Paris, CSA. He is the co-founder of Feldstein | Paris Casting, alongside Tara Feldstein Bennett, CSA.  Together they have cast shows and films that include: ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Ozark’, ‘Atlanta’ and ‘The

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