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A Busy Summer of Actor Showreels

It’s been a very busy summer of creating showreel scenes for actors. It’s only now – when stranded in Chicago (which I’ll get to) – that I’ve been able to look back at what an interesting and inspiring few months its been. I’ve been lucky to be trusted by actors

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Finding an Audience on TikTok

In recent weeks I have been posting comedy sketches on TikTok. Like most of my generation, I was skeptical at first. But once I made the leap, I realised how powerful it was. As a filmmaker you are constantly chasing an audience – rarely getting the views you feel you

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Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Finalist

My TV Pilot screenplay ‘Be Careful’ was a finalist in this year’s Big Apple Film Festival. I have always had a big affinity for New York and have attended the Big Apple Film Festival many times, so to have one of my scripts reach the final stage was a big

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Showreel Scenes and Casting Types

The worst thing you can do when creating scenes is to be too generic. Quite often you’ll see a scene that is shot well – it looks pretty – and maybe features a couple of quirky characters, but they’re not really doing anything, they have no goals, and they don’t

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The Creative Year Ahead

I started the year with some resolutions, primarily based around my screenwriting goals. Writing has always been my strength – the thing that comes the most easily to me. When I started out, it meant creating short films constantly. As my craft for writing scenes improved, it naturally led its

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