East Street Mary and Dave – Episode 2 – Watch Now!

The second part of the epic Bruce Springsteen saga ‘East Street Mary and Dave’ has finally landed. Episode 2 is called ‘The Brilliant Disguise’ and the storyline is as follows: MARY and DAVE both call in sick in order to make it into the pit at a Springsteen gig. Meanwhile, their daughter, ROSALITA, plans to […]

Thank you 2016! Now entering standby mode.

Thank you 2016! Friendships were made, careers launched and casting types redefined. The video below captures an essence of the past year (utilising clips from recent months only). I feel immensely privileged to be able to work with so many upcoming, talented actors. We are in such a tough industry, where no matter how much […]

Notes from the Moon – By Neil Armstrong

I have recently uncovered Neil Armstrong’s secret diaries, written from the surface of the moon. What follows are some key excerpts, revealing a fascinating insight into his experiences.  20 June 1969. Arrived on the moon today, enjoying it so far although rumours of a water-based adventure park turned out to be a dud. 20 June […]

A Brief Pause on Showreel Services

I will not be taking on any new showreel clients in October/November/December. And I have decided to put my waiting list on hold. The key to being good at my job is freshness, to be open to new ideas and inspirations. The problem is; I’m a workaholic, I take on so much and if I’m […]

Episode 1 of ‘East Street Mary and Dave’ – Watch Now!

East Street Mary and Dave is a four-part web-series about the crazy world of Bruce Springsteen fandom. Episode one sees our heroes Mary and Dave struggling to keep their marriage going as they compete over who is the bigger fan. I wrote, produced, edited and directed the series. It stars Debra Baker and Stephen Mitchell; […]

East Street Mary and Dave – 1st TRAILER

As I mentioned previously, I’m in the midst of making a web-series about two Bruce Springsteen fanatics called Mary and Dave. Due to filming and editing, it’s going to be a while until I can release the series but I have wanted everyone to meet these characters so badly that I had to put out […]

Two New Films in Production

I am currently working on two new projects. My new web-series, ‘East Street Mary and Dave’ and a short film called ‘Hats Off’. Both are comedy. In the past few years, the majority of my writing and directing has been for actors showreels. It’s been a very enjoyable experience, helping upcoming actors build material to […]

New Web-Series in Production: East Street Mary and Dave

I am currently in production on my new web-series, ‘East Street Mary and Dave’. Mary and Dave, who reside in East Street, Dagenham, are Bruce Springsteen superfans. The central problem in their marriage is that they can never agree who is the bigger fan. We will get to follow them through arguments about outtakes, setlists, […]

Actors Showreels – Fresh Scenes!

Here are some clips from showreels I have recently created – these are some of my favourites because they are a little more experimental, yet do a great job of showing castability. Creating material from scratch is a big responsibility, but it’s also a great opportunity. There was a period a few years ago when […]

20 Thoughts on Creativity, Productivity and Marketing

1. There are only so many times you can share your new headshots or boast about being ‘on set’. People want to see your finished projects. 2. It’s not a race to be the busiest. I know people who don’t feel good unless they’ve had six meetings in a day. In this industry your time might be better spent […]