Showreel from Scratch Scripts

Having a good script for your showreel scene is absolutely crucial. What you are doing, of course, is making something that feels like it’s a scene from a TV show or movie, but there are ways in which they are different. That’s why when an actor plucks a random scene

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Comedy Showreel Scenes from Scratch

Showreels are often a depressing place, full of dark and serious scenes. That’s fine of course, but don’t forget you can also have a lot of silly fun. Here’s a sampling of my comedy showreel scenes from the past few months.   Not every actor is comfortable with comedy, but

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Showreels Interview | Tips and Advice for Actors

Last week I filmed an interview for my website about showreels and how they help upcoming actors with their screen acting careers. In the interview I share the story of how I got started doing this work and how my work has developed, and I also give a few tips

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Actors! 5 Ways You’re Messing Up Your Showreel

I’ve been creating showreels for a very long time. I’ve pretty much made all the mistakes that are possible, but now I still see so many showreel creators out there making the same errors that I did. At first glance, the making of a showreel seems pretty simple; get your

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English Language Actor Showreels in Berlin, Germany

For a one week period in April 2019 I will be offering my single scene showreel service in Berlin, Germany.  I create showreel scenes from scratch for actors. I focus on producing exactly what each actor needs to showcase their talents. I write completely original scenes for EVERY showreel. The tricky

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