Single Showreel Scenes from Scratch

I specialise in crafting showreels from scratch for actors – which most commonly means three scenes that I have written, directed and then edited. But what I don’t tend to market as well as I should is that I also create single showreel scenes. If you can’t afford the full package, or if perhaps your casting […]

I Watched Shawshank Redemption Seven Days in a Row

Wow, such a great movie! This was a fascinating (and at times arduous) experience, but worth it. For the second viewing, I watched with the director’s commentary. And on the fourth day, I watched with the sound muted. Which for any filmmakers out there, I recommend doing every now and then, cause you see the […]

One Filming Day in London for your Acting Showreel

I film my showreels from scratch over a single day, in London – so you only need one day physically free in order for us to be able to create a showreel. For actors from the rest of the UK, or even further afield in Europe – I can do the initial consultation via Skype. […]

Debra Baker and The Alphabet Monologues – Interview

My friend and oft collaborator Debra Baker has launched a YouTube series called ‘The Alphabet Monologues’ which gives 52 actors a platform to perform monologues which will then be shared on social media and sent out to casting directors. When Debra concocted this idea – she had never directed for screen before and had only […]

In Memory of Andy Evans

He gave me my dream job. I got to work in a video store! And we didn’t quite realise at the time, that forces were working against us. The internet was changing how we watch films — DVDs were being posted through doors and somewhere far away Netflix streaming was being invented. The video rental […]

The Last Thing an Actor Needs Is to Work on Their Branding

You don’t need to brand yourself. Or rebrand yourself, or whatever other nonsense you may have been sold in a workshop or wherever you picked it up. Acting is about being authentic. If you’re ‘branding’ yourself, you’re adding an unnecessary layer. You’re redirecting attention away from what is real about you. In London, alone – […]

How to Decide What Material Belongs on Your Showreel

You are either in the position where you have hardly any showreel material at all, or you have an abundance of projects and you’re at a complete loss as to which pieces to use in the final cut. In this blog I will help you make some decisions. The obvious answer to ‘What material should […]

LIDECO – The Abandoned Ghost Town on the Edge of Hanoi

Lideco Bắc 32, in West Hanoi, is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever stumbled across. I was surfing through Google News a few days ago when an article from a Vietnamese site popped up (due to my current location) about a village on the outskirts of Hanoi, built for the super-rich, which has […]

Abandoned Water Park in Hanoi – Tuoi Tre Park

Hidden away in the Hai Bà Trưng District in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a decaying and forgotten waterpark. Unlike the backpacker ritual of visiting Ho Thuy Thiên in Huế, Central Vietnam – the park in Hanoi has remained unknown, and at the time of writing, doesn’t appear on Google searches. There is precious little information about […]