Limited Showreel Availability for Remainder of 2017

Hello all! Just a quick note to let you know I have very limited availability for Showreel from Scratch work for the remainder of the year. In June I am filming a documentary in Rwanda with CFOR, and throughout July and August I will be working on showreels for a full year group at the […]

Watch the #1DayFilm NOW

It was around this time in the early hours of yesterday morning that I emailed the actors to say “this is the script we’re shooting.” At 9am they were at mine. They didn’t know the lines and I didn’t know all the filming locations. But we all knew the task – to complete the film […]

Making a Short Film in One Day! #1DayFilm

A few days back I wrote that I would be making a short film in seven days. Well half a week flew by and I had no ideas. But I cast the film anyway. Actors were due at my flat at 9am today to begin filming. I finally wrote the script- emailing it to them at […]

New Showreel from Scratch: Beatrice Allen

Here’s a brand new showreel from scratch that I wrote, directed and edited for Beatrice Allen. What I have been trying to do more and with the showreels I create is to show the range of actors in more subtle forms. While it is tempting to do ‘one serious, one comedy, one quirky scene’ – […]

NEW! #SingleShotScenes for Actors

I am always trying, in small ways, to innovate how I shoot showreels scenes. And my instinct, when trying to improve, tends to veer towards the counterintuitive. Rather than make things bigger, flasher, slicker – I go for simpler, smaller, subtler. And that’s where this idea comes in. #SingleShotScenes are scenes I shoot from one […]

Single Showreel Scenes from Scratch

I specialise in crafting showreels from scratch for actors – which most commonly means three scenes that I have written, directed and then edited. But what I don’t tend to market as well as I should is that I also create single showreel scenes. If you can’t afford the full package, or if perhaps your casting […]

I Watched Shawshank Redemption Seven Days in a Row

Wow, such a great movie! This was a fascinating (and at times arduous) experience, but worth it. For the second viewing, I watched with the director’s commentary. And on the fourth day, I watched with the sound muted. Which for any filmmakers out there, I recommend doing every now and then, cause you see the […]

One Filming Day in London for your Acting Showreel

I film my showreels from scratch over a single day, in London – so you only need one day physically free in order for us to be able to create a showreel. For actors from the rest of the UK, or even further afield in Europe – I can do the initial consultation via Skype. […]