English Language Actor Showreels in Berlin, Germany

For a one week period in April 2019 I will be offering my single scene showreel service in Berlin, Germany.  I create showreel scenes from scratch for actors. I focus on producing exactly what each actor needs to showcase their talents. I write completely original scenes for EVERY showreel. The tricky thing for my clients in […]

Showreels for Actors

Here’s a compilation of a few recent scenes. As always – I wrote and directed each one. I have a very specific way of creating showreels for actors. For example, I don’t aim to be ‘cinematic’. I don’t prioritise having the biggest camera. And when it comes to locations you’ll more often than not finding […]

NEW MUSIC VIDEO – Rory Gillanders – ‘Waiting’

One morning, early last year, I was at home listening to some Bruce Springsteen. Then I stopped the music and made a cup of tea. Much to my confusion, I could still hear Springsteen playing. It briefly crossed my mind that maybe a neighbour was listening to The Boss, but I swiftly ruled this out […]

New Comedy Sketch | Can I Get a Refund?

Here’s a comedy sketch I shot with two of my favourite upcoming actors, Libby Grant and Claire Marlein. It’s about the infuriating nature of a good person trying to get a simple refund. It’s not entirely autobiographical, but it sure feels like it. We filmed this the day after I wrote it, and we only […]

10 Things I’ve Learned About Being Self-Employed

1. It’s lonely! You may be working alone, or you may be working with fifteen people. But then you finish a project and those fifteen people are gone. It seems glamorous to people who don’t do what you do but the reality is, you have to navigate your way alone. You have to get yourself […]

How I Create Natural Showreel Scenes for Actors

So, here’s Libby Grant’s showreel: When I first met Libby, I was excited by her energy and sense of humour. She had a lot to give when it came to screen acting but hadn’t really had the chance to demonstrate her talent in the right way. She showed me a compilation of her previous screen-work, […]

Dramatic Moments in Showreel from Scratch Scenes

“What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” Those two lines are pretty much all you need for drama in a scene. It’s the same in life.   You make a joke or a silly comment and someone takes it personally. That’s interesting. You make a joke or silly comment and someone takes it personally but won’t admit they’ve taken […]