English Language Actor Showreels in Berlin, Germany

For a one week period in April 2019 I will be offering my single scene showreel service in Berlin, Germany. 

I create showreel scenes from scratch for actors. I focus on producing exactly what each actor needs to showcase their talents. I write completely original scenes for EVERY showreel.

The tricky thing for my clients in Europe is that they have needed to travel to London to work with me. So now, I am taking the showreel service on tour and exploring new locations, first stop Berlin!

I am focusing on English language showreel scenes only. This is a service for actors in Germany who are interested in moving into the English or American market. I deliver high-quality, personalised showreel scenes filmed and delivered in 4k.

I specialise in crafting scenes for screen actors – from new graduates taking their first steps, to experienced actors looking to refine their casting and attract the type of acting work they are right for.


I will be in Berlin in April only and am limited in how many clients I can take on. If you are interested and would like to set up a Skype meeting, please email me at dj@danieljohnsonfilms.co.uk

You can find out more information of my work, as well as examples, by visiting my reels page.
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