Making a Short Film in One Day! #1DayFilm

A few days back I wrote that I would be making a short film in seven days. Well half a week flew by and I had no ideas.

But I cast the film anyway.

Actors were due at my flat at 9am today to begin filming.

I finally wrote the script- emailing it to them at 12.30am the morning of the shoot.

Right now it’s just gone 11.30am and we are in production! We’ve filmed a scene and the actors are now in the other room learning their lines. We’re shooting this whole thing in one day.

And I’m going to edit tonight.

This is no longer a seven day film. It’s a one day film.

Conceived, written, directed and edited today.

Here’s the cast:

Selina Brathwaite (top left), Giovanni Bienne (top right), Alex Enmarch (bottom left), Anna-Maria Everett (bottom right)


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