Screen Acting Workshop

Earlier this week I put out a tweet offering a free screen acting workshop for four actors on February 17th.

I didn’t expect it to blow up in the way it did, the interest has been huge.

So in order to break things down a bit more, I am writing this to clarify who it is for and who can benefit from it.

First things first – this will be taking place on February 17th, from 11am-3pm in Stratford, East London.

This is not a course where you will be gaining showreel material – although I may release footage to participants at the end, but I recommend it for training purposes, for self-reflection, but not to form a professional showreel.

The ideal participants –

    – Have some professional acting training and experience.

    – Do not currently have strong showreel material (if you are already deep into your journey with screen acting, I’d rather you leave this to the less experienced)

    -Are confident in their acting abilities but a little daunted or shy about screen work (a big part of what I want to achieve is to demstifying screen acting, to give you confidence doing it)

    -More used to being on stage than screen.

    -I am open to all ages and backgrounds, but am keen to work with people who don’t yet have a great deal of screen experience.

    If you’re serious about being involved and think you’d enjoy working on this for a day –

    Please email:, give me a paragraph about yourself and why you think you would benefit from doing this.

    And please do send your Spotlight/headshots (it’s not strictly necessary you’re on spotlight, but certainly desirable.)

    I only have four spaces. And for the time being at least, this is one day only!

    Also, I am likely to film this day and use it for marketing materials – so please only get in touch if you are happy for our work together to be filmed.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi Daniel
    You are so kind to tweet me back about your workshop when there are only four places. Just a quick intro: I’ve worked in musical theatre and stage for 15 years, mainly ensemble and small parts. I’ve been trying to expand my skill set and use my acting abilities in various media. I hope you’ve seen my showreel and seen what I can do and spotted what I can work on. Let me know if you think I would be a good contributor to your workshop.

  2. Hi

    I would love to be considered for this, i started tearing in 2016 in screen acting then went on to do a one year theatre foundation course. I can find it difficult to get into character sometimes. I would like help with this as I think it stops em being cast.

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