The Best Possible You

There’s a version of you that isn’t distracted, that isn’t stuck on what to do or say.

It’s a version of you that runs on instinct, backed up by years of learning and honing.

It’s the you that was there on your very best day. And it’s the yearning you feel on your very worst days, when you know super-brilliant you is hidden away someplace.

The thing is, you can’t find the best version of you when you’re locked-in on your Insta feed, or when you’re scrolling through the endless carousel of TikTok.

Instinctive, brilliant you needs quiet. It needs a long walk. It needs five chapters of your favourite book.

You know this already – I’m not saying anything new. It’s just a reminder of a feeling you bury every day.

The feeling that the best possible you is waiting there, just out of sight, hidden behind the Facebook posts and Instagram boasts.

All you need to do is take a moment, breath, remember who you are.

Remember that you don’t get anywhere by being fearful, by worrying what people think.

You get where you’re going by being you. By expressing what’s inside you and by doing it with collaborators who get what you’re about, people who are on the path along with you.

It’s not easy, and we forget how to do it all the time. Some days we literally think we were put on this earth to write tweets.

But there’s a deeper, stronger you, who knows what your real job is. It knows your goals and it knows your dreams.

You just need to pay attention to it. And there’s no better moment to start than right now.

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Daniel Johnson
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