Two New Films in Production

I am currently working on two new projects. My new web-series, ‘East Street Mary and Dave’ and a short film called ‘Hats Off’. Both are comedy.

In the past few years, the majority of my writing and directing has been for actors showreels. It’s been a very enjoyable experience, helping upcoming actors build material to launch their careers – but it has also sidetracked me from a big part of what I love, which is doing my own projects.

The entire cast of ‘Hats Off’ are actors who I met through creating showreels. I have met so many fantastic actors in the last few years; to the point where I feel I could become a casting director! Luckily, this means I get to make great choices for my own projects.

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I’m learning all over again how brave you have to be to put out your own projects. The showreels have, in many ways, been a safety net for me. Sure, I still have to be creative, but it’s confined to a certain area – a creativity that has the sole purpose of showing that actors can act. The scripts are condensed into two pages and they don’t have to tell a bigger story. So to get back to my own projects again has been a really fascinating experience.

The web-series, ‘East Street Mary and Dave’ is exciting to me and also daunting to me. My previous series, ‘Sally the Life Coach‘, was in many ways a disappointment. It didn’t really find an audience, and when I look back at the episodes now, I can see why. I think the first two episodes are pretty weak – and I mean that from a writing and directing point of view. But now it’s three years later and it’s time to get back out there and try something again.

Bruce Springsteen Web Series

I’m mad excited about both of these projects. More info soon!

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