ACTORS! Do you need a showreel? And if you already have one; does it show you at your best?

As many of you know by now, I write and direct showreels for actors. Many of the actors I’ve worked with are extremely talented, but had not yet had the opportunities in their careers that their talents warranted.

The showreels help, a lot. They give the actor a chance to do what they do best, ACT! And better yet; I create scenes which allow them to showcase whatever it is they do best, whether it’s being funny, or emotional, or crazy. Whatever it is, I write scenes specifically for each client.


I write three scenes specifically suited to you. Then we find a day, some great actors, and we shoot the scenes! Then I edit them into a showreel, which you can then upload to YouTube, Spotlight, etc – and of course, you can send them to agents and casting directors!

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