Officially Launching my Showreel Service

There are some incredibly talented actors in the industry. The problem is that the marketplace is flooded. It’s hard to land any role, let alone your dream role. This is where I come in: I write scenes specifically tailored to your strengths; and then we film them. Therefore, rather than waiting for an acting job to show what you can do, we can make it happen by producing your showreel. Literally, a week from today, you could have brand new footage showing precisely what you are capable of and what people have been missing. In the video below are some clips of my work.

I have been writing and directing films for over ten years. I love the process and the showreel service is a way to work with and discover some great actors. Many of the people I have produced reels for have gone on to get work because of it. I have also cast many of the actors in my own projects.

The hardest thing as an actor is gaining exposure. I believe my showreel service goes a long way to helping you on your journey, by allowing you to do great work with an experienced director with a distinct writing style.

Get in touch if you’re interested! Email:

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