Presents for Actors – A New Showreel?

Ask your actor friend/relative “Do you have a showreel?”, “Do you like your showreel?” or “Does your showreel need an update?” — the answer to any of these questions will give you a good indication as to whether new showreel would be a good gift idea.

But I should warn you, even if you are SURE it’s a good idea, you should still check with them before agreeing to pay for one. Why? Because showreel creation is personal. There are many different directors and editors out there — and what looks good to you might not look good to your actor friend.

A showreel is a good gift because it shows you care and it shows you support their acting. And that’s one of the rarest things to find as an actor, people who get you, who care about your art and believe in it.

So what is a showreel, exactly? It’s a variety of clips that showcase what an actor can do, and is usually watched by casting directors, agents and producers. A showreel can be edited together out of existing footage (if an actor has previous TV/Film work), or it can be created from scratch (where an individual or service writes and directs scenes specifically for the actor). I offer both services.

Why is a showreel a good present? Because an acting reel is one of, if not THE MOST important tool a modern actor can have at their disposal. A headshot is important, as is your resume, but those without demo reels to show their talents are being left behind.

To see examples of my work and prices, take a look at my showreels page. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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