Are you paying attention?

If you’re reading this, thanks! I know a lot of different links are vying for your attention. Did you read this far? Maybe you didn’t understand the whole sentence because your phone started vibrating which caused your brain to malfunction. I’d appreciate you reading the next paragraph but I understand if you need to retweet a motivational quote about reading instead.

As a society, we’re at a crossroads. On the one hand, we have technological innovation, on the other hand I have completely forgotten the point of what I’m writing. Um? Sorry, hold on, wait—it’s coming back, I have trouble paying attention to anything these days. Is that a dog outside? Anyway; the internet is ruining our brains. Well, your brain. My brain is fine. I’ve not received any messages on Facebook in at least an hour. Maybe it’s broken. Maybe I should Google Facebook, to see if it’s broken. What were we talking about?

I have written a short play. It’s very short. It was going to be longer but I had to Skype a friend to ask how to Tumblr about Pinterest. The point I am trying to make – and by the way, it definitely wasn’t a dog outside – my point, if you’ll permit me to stay on topic, by the way – why are Facebook and Twitter both blue-colour themed? Different shades but definitely the same, and I think I want to tweet a Winston Churchill quote. What?

My play, yes. There’s an event! ‘WRITER’S BLOC’ at the Old Red Lion Theatre on July 2nd. It’s an event with a selection of short plays by new upcoming writers. The last one of the night is one written and directed by me. How I’ve found time to do all this inbetween all the tweeting I’ll never know. My play is about how the internet and social media are taking over our brains. Can you come? You can book tickets at the Old Red Lion website, here:

If you can come along please do let me know via Facebook or Twitter or text or by shouting really loudly and I totally understand if you forget to book or if you get lost in Twitter or caught up in a game of ‘Words With Friends’. I would like it if you come to see my show, and by like I don’t mean in the sense of liking something, like liking to eat cereal, I mean liking as in I will go on Facebook and like it using the like function because that’s what real liking is and the problem with all of this internetting and my brain going insane is that sometimes I forget to stop for breathing.

See you Monday.

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