What Actors think of my Showreel Service

I create showreels for actors. If you have the footage already, I edit it together. If you don’t have footage you’re happy with, I write scenes for you and direct you in them  – therefore creating a reel that perfectly fits your needs. Here I am sharing the feedback I have received from actors who […]

Are you paying attention?

If you’re reading this, thanks! I know a lot of different links are vying for your attention. Did you read this far? Maybe you didn’t understand the whole sentence because your phone started vibrating which caused your brain to malfunction. I’d appreciate you reading the next paragraph but I understand if you need to retweet […]

A Message For My Friends

I just stumbled across this note that I wrote on Facebook, back in August, 2008. I tend to dislike most of my old writing, but this really hit home. Thought I’d share it again.  I was just looking through my emails, reading these emails that I’d shared with someone I love, about a year ago. […]

INFORMATION & PRICES for Acting Showreel Service

I provide a dynamic showreel creation service, which includes ANY and/or ALL of the following: Writing, Directing & Editing. Whether you are an experienced actor with numerous screen credits, or an upcoming actor who has not found the productions to showcase your talents — working with me can provide the solution you need! Here are […]

The Pizza Delivery Guy

Don’t you think he’s mysterious? The way he turns up at your door with his motorcycle helmet still on and mumbles incomprehensibly. Even though you’re pretty sure it’s pizza, you’re still concerned that maybe it’s an armed robbery. Then he reaches for the bag. One by one, he takes items out; and it’s like Christmas. […]

‘The Proposal Update’ at the Old Red Lion Theatre

On Monday 2nd July; a short piece that I have written, and will also be directing, ‘The Proposal Update’ will be performed at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Angel, London. This will be part of a number of pieces performed on the night by upcoming talent as part of ‘WRITERS BLOC’, which is described […]

Showreels for Actors in London

I’m really enjoying creating showreels for up and coming actors in London. I’m realising now that my years of writing and directing low-budget short films has given me the perfect experience to be able to offer actors a useful and affordable service. The sad fact is that too many great actors are struggling, especially at […]

The Editing Process

I like to think of myself as a good screenwriter. But when it comes to editing scenes; I chop half of the stuff out! I think the process of editing my writing is something I skip, because I like the flow of the dialogue. But after we’ve shot everything, I realise how unnecessary so much […]

WE HAVE SOMETHING – A Short Screenplay By Daniel Johnson

I thought you might enjoy reading one of my short film screenplays. It’s a way of avoiding work for ten minutes and a good alternative to browsing Facebook.  This is a screenplay I wrote a few months back called ‘We Have Something’. It’s about an inter-office relationship between the 46 year old boss, LAURA, and […]