The Complete Guide To Acting Showreels

I have been working professionally with acting showreels for many years. I have always found them to be important. When I am casting a film, seeing reel footage is crucial. Especially now – the market for actors is more flooded than ever before. Who has the time to audition 80,000 actors? A CV is important, […]

Acting SHOWREELS FROM SCRATCH – Written, Filmed & Edited in London

Here is where I’ll explain the whole process from beginning to end. I am not a ‘showreel service’ like many of those out there. I am a writer/director/editor; with over ten years experience in the industry. I am actively producing my own projects consistently (like my web-series ‘Sally the Life Coach‘). As well as that; I […]

Getting A SHOWREEL FROM SCRATCH? Insist On These 3 Things!

1. Original Material. This is the most important factor! I’ve seen showreel companies that rehash scenes from Shawshank Redemption, and it looks awful! And I’m sure you’re a good actor, and I’m sure you could be better than Morgan Freeman, but do you really want to go up against him in his best movie; armed […]

The Proposal Update – Short Screenplay (Writing Sample)

I’m a screenwriter. But the only people that get to read my scripts tend to be directors, actors and producers. So I thought I’d put a bit of my work out there for anyone who might be interested in reading it ‘The Proposal Update’ got to the final 12 of BAFTA-Rocliffe Writing Forum last year, […]

Why Actors Can Never Get Footage Back From Film Directors

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The main reason I am able to earn money writing and directing showreel scenes for actors, is because most directors hoard the footage for years. They won’t give it up, won’t share it. In fact, nearly every single actor I know has had the experience […]

ACTOR SHOWREELS – More Important Now Than Ever

In the few years that I’ve been creating showreels for actors – I’ve noticed a huge shift in their importance within the industry. In the digital era, there’s no excuse for an actor not to have a showreel, and casting directors know this. In years gone by, there were fewer projects being made, and the […]

My 2012: The Achievements

I love Christmas. And I love starting a new year. But the in-between period is always a difficult one. Why? Because I sit at home, eating chocolate, convincing myself I’ve achieved nothing all year. It reminds me of something Arlene & Jean-Claude Audergon once taught me, about recognising the milestones in your life. They said […]