From Scratch to Screen: An Interview with AIMEE BARRETT

In 2014, I created a Showreel from Scratch for Aimee Barrett. When we first talked about what scenes I would write for her, we discussed a specific goal, which was summed up in my notes as: ‘BBC Drama’. Just two years later, her new showreel cut is made entirely out of broadcast television work – and […]

‘Mess’ Wins Award at Nassau Film Festival

My short film, ‘Mess‘, which is a remake of the very first short film I made, won a Best of Festival award at the Nassau Film Festival 2016 this past weekend. I am proud of this film. We shot it in one day. No crew; no budget, just me and two great actors, Amy Burrows […]

Actor Showreel from Scratch: VIRGINIA LEE

Here’s a showreel I created for Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts graduate Virginia Lee. I’ve created heaps of showreels but this is definitely one of my favourites. Virginia is a great talent – versatile and natural on screen. Excited to see how her career progresses in coming years. Have a watch! Virginia Lee’s Spotlight PageInformation […]

‘MESS’ to Screen at Film Festivals in New York and Ohio

I wrote the first draft of ‘Mess’ when I was seventeen, and shot it when I was 19. Over a decade later, I decided to remake it. It’s exciting to me that a few film festivals have deemed this experiment worthy of screening. ‘Mess’ (the new version) stars two of my favourite upcoming British actors, […]

Showreel from Scratch: Amy Christina Murray

It was only a few years ago when the idea of making from scratch scenes for a showreel was seen as a bad thing. This was back in the days when companies were rehashing scenes from movies and TV shows and shooting them in a rented office on the back of Pinewood Studios. But the […]

Showreel Script Ideas

As the old saying goes: you can’t polish a turd. So many actors have gone wrong on their reels purely because of the material. Whether it’s stealing a scene from a show like ‘Doctors’*, or through writing (or getting someone to write) a scene that does not suit the needs of an acting reel. You […]

A Comedy Sketch

I was shooting some scenes recently with Ewan Borthwick and Aaron Gordon and this one was so much fun that I thought it would make a great stand alone sketch. Have a watch and I hope you like it.


Two strangers out on the street only weeks before Facebook was invented. ROB Hello? ANYONE? BERT You okay? ROB I’ve taken a picture of my baby every day since she was born! BERT And? ROB Only my immediate family are interested. BERT That’s the way it’s supposed to be. ROB I need more! I need […]

Showreels from Scratch – A Best Of Compilation

In recent years I have made a habit of uploading a new ‘showreel of my showreels’ every few months. The point being, I wanted to prove my consistency in creating fresh and relevant scenes for every showreel I create. I still believe in doing that – but it means that often some really good work […]

How a Showreel From Scratch Helps You

A showreel from scratch helps you because it puts control back in your hands. We can create scenes that suit your personality, your casting type, your idea of what good screen acting is. We can skip the things that make so many showreels BAD. The material that I write will be unique to you. We’re not […]