New Ryanair Prices and Guidelines for 2013

In keeping with their commitment to being a low-budget carrier, Ryanair have made some subtle changes to how the airline works, and I will now set out to explain in detail. The rumours are true, they will begin charging people to stand during flights. All passengers will be forced to remain seated for the duration […]

5 Tips For Your Acting Showreel

Some of what I say is personal opinion, some of it comes from speaking to other directors, and some of it comes from conversations with casting directors over the years. These are just ideas, suggestions, and things I tend to go by when creating showreels myself. If it doesn’t resonate with you, ignore it! 1. […]

Officially Launching my Showreel Service

There are some incredibly talented actors in the industry. The problem is that the marketplace is flooded. It’s hard to land any role, let alone your dream role. This is where I come in: I write scenes specifically tailored to your strengths; and then we film them. Therefore, rather than waiting for an acting job […]

Bluecat Screenplay Competition

I’m extremely excited to be able to tell you that my screenplay ‘The Toilet Attendant’ has reached the semi-finals of the Bluecat Screenwriting Competition. It is also up for the Cordelia Award, where I am among six British screenplays in the final. How exciting! Writing is such a crazy thing. Most of the time you’re […]